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16 Mar

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers Returning on Sodaware

The Carnival of Video Game Bloggers is returning! I will not be maintaining it, as I am less involved here since I have a full time job I’m focused on, including overtime more weeks than not, as well as other projects. Rather, Phil Newton will be taking it over at his blog Sodaware. He’s already put up a post announcing the next carnival there, and it’s slated to go up on March 17th. Based on the names, I would not be surprised to find he’s related to the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers’ founder James Newton of The Collected Writings of James Newton, but either way, James recommended him on my last post and Phil was the first to step up and ask to work on it, and it looks like he has a good thing going on over at Sodaware, so I’m expecting great things for the future of the carnival. Thank you Phil for taking it on and bringing it back to life.

I’d also like the thank Meg from Simpson’s Paradox for offering to take the carnival over as well. It’s good to see that there are plenty of people willing to carry the torch when it’s time to pass it on.

So now what? Well, head on over to Sodaware and check out what’s coming up, and after this upcoming carnival, get your posts in for the next one!

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