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30 Jul

Gaming My Way Blog Carnival, July 2010

Welcome to the July 2010 edition of the Gaming My Way Blog Carnival. This will be the last edition of this carnival in its current incarnation. The carnival isn’t ending, but James Newton has offered to let me host the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers on a regular basis, so from next month onward, this carnival will be the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. So thank you James for letting me take over the hosting of the carnival, I’m looking forward to it. Despite the title, I will still be accepting submissions for pen and paper rpgs as well, since I do cover them along with video games. This will give us all more great articles to read and more people to see what everyone has to write. For the next few months, I’ll leave submission pages open for both carnivals and accept submissions from both while I transition over. For those who haven’t seen James’ carnival before, you can find the original carnivals at The Collected Writings of James Newton. So, with all that out of the way, here are this month’s contributions.

Daniel Ros presents Used Nintendo 64 Console posted at Hottest Video Games and Cheat Codes, saying, “Find out the latest video games reviews, information on new games, beta testing, sales on video games and more.” He also has a brief discussion on the ethics and legality of roms and emulators, keeping it short and to the point. Following that, there’s a video showing off what looks like a store demonstration console.

William Huddy presents Computer Game Violence posted at Matters For Consideration. William takes a look at violence in video games, how he thinks it may effect children, and notes that while it likely would have some negative effects, we should really consider it in it’s place compared with all sorts of other violence children are exposed to all the time that we fail to consider might also have some kind of effect on children.

dswtor presents What is Star Wars the Old Republic | dailySWTOR posted at dailySWTOR, saying, “Great detailed review on BioWares new game in development, Star Wars the Old Republic.” And here we have some information about the new Star Wars MMO from Bioware. It sounds very interesting for an MMO, and that Bioware is taking a very good direction with it. I like the sound of gameplay being more action oriented than a typical MMO, hopefully they can deliver on that.

Adam presents Blizzard, “Write for Us” Starcraft 3? WOW2? Diablo 4? posted at AirborneGamer, saying, “Blizzard’s short story contest for gamers.” Write a story set in one of Blizzard’s worlds and win cool prizes? Sounds fun to me.

One Family presents Kids Video Game Software and Consoles – An Introduction for Frugal Families posted at One Family’s Blog. Here we have a guide for parents looking into picking up video games for their kids to get started with. While there’s definitely some good info here, I would argue that most kids who enjoy gaming will know about and be very interested in the “premium” consoles, that is, those of the current generation.

J presents Gears of war 3 – Fans decide story direction posted at Gamers Lounge. Want to have a say in if a character from Gears of War lives or dies? You can, but you have to buy something to cast your vote. Details inside.

That concludes this edition of the Gaming My Way Blog Carnival. Join as next month as I take over hosting of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. You can use the carnival submission form to submit posts for next month’s carnival, to be hosted on August 26, 2010. Be sure to check out some of the posts of other submitters and perhaps leave a friendly comment or two if you like their work.

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