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For now, I’m going to leave two ways to contact me here.

The first is to email me at This is how you should contact me if you don’t want our correspondence to be read by anyone who comes across the site.

The second way is to simply fill out a comment on the form below. Doing this will provide public commentary that anyone can read. If you leave a comment here, then you should expect to find any responses I have here as well. This page is for general commentary about the site.

Naturally, you can also comment on any posts I’ve written as well.

14 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. 1
    Kai Says:

    Hey Eclipse, I read a handful of your articles and you have great content that makes me think. I’m worried that your site layout is preventing people from browsing your work.

    There’s nowhere on your site that I can just see a list of what’s available to me, or if there is then I can’t find it. I have to click through the archives and even then it only shows the title of two posts per page. It’s frustrating.

    It’s also unintuitive to title this page Privacy Policy. I just clicked it out of curiosity and found this form.

    Gaming Your Way is fun, apply some design tips to the website and keep it going :)

  2. 2
    Eclipse Says:

    Hi Kai,

    Thank you for the advice, I’ll definitely take a look at fixing some things.

    This page is labeled as the Privacy Policy because that’s what it is. The form is for comments, which are open on any of the posts, though them being open here was actually an accident, which I’ll be fixing after this. I provided my email address on my about page, but perhaps that isn’t the best place for it, so I’ll likely just add a contact page so it’s easier to find.

    The sitemap does in fact have a list of all the posts available in place, though admittedly they’re only sorted based on the day and time I posted them, which might not be the easiest way to find them.

    I’ll be taking a look at some other things I can do to make the site work better as well, including making the archives more user friendly, as you said. Thank you for your advice, and I hope to see you around again soon.

  3. 3
    Eclipse Says:

    I’ve just put up a contact page, so that would be the place to contact me from now on about any site issues you’d like to talk about in the future. I’ll be closing comments here momentarily as I never intended this page to have them in the first place, though I’ll leave these comments here for a bit to give you a chance to see my responses. After a bit of time has passed, I’ll be moving them to the newly created contact page.

  4. 4
    Eclipse Says:

    The 3 above comments were originally posted on the privacy policy page, which I had accidentally left open for comments. I’ve since created this contact page, which is where general site commentary should go if you wish to leave it publicly, as I wrote above. The comments haven’t been changed in any way, I’ve simply changed where they are posted.

  5. 5
    Grimclaw Irontooth Says:

    How can I submit a Mod for you to test?

    “Real Gem Art” provides torchlight players with more pleasing and realistic socketables. No gameplay changes. Tested thoroughly.

    Here is the link:

    If u like it, please post it on your site. Feel free to use any portion or all of the contents of Real Gem Art for whatever your heart desires.

    Grimclaw Irontooth ;-)

  6. 6
    Eclipse Says:

    Letting me know you’d like me to right here like you did (or on the post in question, or through email) is fine.

    Not sure when the next time I’ll be playing Torchlight is, but next time I fire it up I’ll give it a try. I have a few others I’ve used since my original post on Torchlight mods, so it may be time to do a bit of an update soon anyway.

    Thanks, and I’ll let you know once I’ve given it a try.

  7. 7
    grimlauck Says:

    hi there, any1 still around here, playing torchlight again and looking to play with some of these mods youve recommended?

  8. 8
    Eclipse Says:

    Hey Grimlauck, yes, I’m still here. I just don’t post in this section unless someone has a question. I usually write on the main site,

    If you’re looking for the batch of mods I originally recommended, look no further than right here: (They can be downloaded most easily using Torchleech, which is why most of them don’t have links.)

    If you’re looking for others, I actually haven’t gotten around to going for a second batch, as I haven’t fired up Torchlight in quite awhile. Unfortunately, I lost the disc, and am also now on a new computer as my last one died on me. So I’ve been sinking my time into other games for the time being, and haven’t gotten around to any second overviews. (Sorry Grimclaw.)

    Still, the first list is pretty solid, and certainly give Grimclaw’s mod a try too if it sounds like your cup of tea. And remember that Torchleech is a great way to find new mods as well.

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  10. 10
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