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29 May

Gaming My Way Now Has Forums

Well, I do for now at least. I’m going to trial these forums over a period of one to three months and see how this goes. I’ll consider the forums successful if we can get some good gaming discussion going and build some community, in which case we’ll see them become a more permanent destination on Gaming My Way.

This is where you guys all come in. Want to have an awesome forum? Then I need your help to make it happen. The forum has been open for about a week while I’ve made adjustments to get a good look and system going. I’ve put a few starter posts in there to see if we can get some discussion started, but a good forum needs people involved to get moving. That means we need more people talking than just me. So head on over to the forum, register an account, and start posting.

Please note, however, that your posts will not show up automatically until one post has been approved by me, or possibly another moderator to be added in the future. I know that’s a pain, and I’m sorry for that. Unfortunately, the forum has already begun attracting a ton of spammers, and I don’t want it to be overrun with ads for knockoff purses and shady transactions with Nigerian princes. The good news is once approved, you’re done and can post as much as you want.

So get yourself over to the forums, make that account, and start some lively discussion.

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