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25 Feb

Gaming My Way Blog Carnival, February 2010

Welcome to the very first edition of the Gaming My Way Blog Carnival. It’s short and sweet, but we’ll start slow and hopefully build it up over time. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the offerings of our various carnival submitters this month.

Tony Huynh has Greatest Video Game Trailers, God of War III (3) Release date and cover for us, posted on His words say it all: “A countdown to the greatest video game trailers of all time. God of War III release date and cover finalized.” Props to him for including the Gears of War trailer in his list of great trailers. I’ve never played the game, but the trailer is a great one. Of course, he picked some other good ones to include as well, so allow him to take you on a stroll down memory lane while you wait for God of War 3 to release.

Meg gives us Game Review: Funky Farm 2 which she has posted at Simpson’s Paradox. The review is full of personality, much like she says the game is, and if you’re into farm sims like Harvest Moon, you may want to check out this review to see if Funky Farm 2 might also be a good fit for you. Of course, you could also check it out just to support other bloggers who play games or if you’re in the market for something different from your usual.

Curtis has some tips in his post How to Obtain Crop Mastery in Farmville | at As he succinctly put it, “Farmville on Facebook – Tips, Secrets, and Hints”. This is, of course, for those who like the Facebook game Farmville and are looking for some help on obtaining crop masteries. I don’t play myself, but Curtis lays out the process for those who do and are looking to figure out how it’s done.

James Feudo gives us some life advice in his piece Life Lessons From Video Games | Overnight Sensation – Public Speaking, Communication and Personal Development posted at Overnight Sensation, telling us, “If you’re looking for evidence that video games help you in the game of life, then look no further.” In this piece, he draws some parallels between life and gaming, using ideas such as playing to your strengths, obtaining power-ups, and managing your growth. It’s an interesting read and you should check it out.

Finally, because I would like to see at least one post on the topic of tabletop rpgs in the carnival, I’m leaving a link to post by yours truly. Leveling by Plot Rather Than XP, posted right here at Gaming My Way, describes some alternative methods to leveling up characters for the purposes of plot advancement instead of just handing over some experience points. While not for everyone, the ideas could certainly be useful for some styles of gaming.

That concludes this edition of the Gaming My Way Blog Carnival. You can use the carnival submission form to submit posts for next month’s carnival, to be hosted on March 25, 2010. Be sure to check out some of the posts of other submitters and perhaps leave a friendly comment or two if you like their work.

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