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15 Nov

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, November 2012

Welcome back to the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers for our November 2012 edition. With the break we have taken, there’s a lot that has built up for us to share, so let’s get right to it.

The Legendary Carmine presents E3 2012 – So What’s Different? posted at Side Story Games – Carmine’s Comments.

ChrisScottCampbell presents Silent Hill Downpour Review posted at My Thoughts On – Where Credit Is Due, saying, “This was one of my best, recent reviews (in my personal opinion). I base this around the fact that I actually adore the Silent Hill series with quite a passion and I felt this game represented that love that is Silent Hill.”

Zachery Oliver presents The List: Bayonetta | Theology Gaming posted at The List: Bayonetta, saying, “Part of a series on my favorite games, this Bayonetta articles shows why its great by tracing its gaming history from A Link to the Past, Gradius, and Space Harrier, to Devil May Cry. I also take a look at the supposed “sexism” of the game, an interesting issue in games to say the least.”

Ryan presents Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, 10 Reasons why Skyward Sword doesn’t live up the the Hype, Red Dead Redemption, Tekken 6 the Good the Bad the Crazy, Fable 2 buy it?, Mario Galaxy, and 10 reasons to buy Super Smash Bros. Brawl posted at Gamer Monkey Reviews.

Jon Rhodes presents Taking The Shine Off of Trophies posted at Gamers Corner, saying, “Do you like winning trophies in online games?”

mattman861 presents Tribes: Ascend | Life Reviewer posted at Life Reviewer, saying, “I feel Tribes: Ascend needs to be known! It is an extremely well put together game that is free, extremely fun and has recently been put onto STEAM!!!”

Anne Gerding presents 6 Degrading Summer Jobs and the Celebs Who Worked Them posted at Online Classes.

Mark VanTil presents Splice Review posted at YCTAG.

Wayne presents Video Games: Found my old Sega Mega Drive posted at Video Games.

Meg presents Lil’ Birds posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Meg presents Casual Connect Highlights | Simpson’s Paradox posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

MadMikey1990 presents Kiwi Gam3r: Skyrim Hearthfire DLC: Extreme Home Makeover Skyrim Edition posted at Kiwi Gam3r, saying, “As the title suggests, Skyrim’s Hearthfire Dlc will allow you to build a house in the world of Skyrim. Hearthfire will allow players to buy a block of land and build their dream Skyrim home. Players will be able to deck their new home out as they fancy. Do you want the latest Skyrim has to offer in cooking appliances? How about a Mud Crab trophy mounted on the wall? Hearthfire will allow you to do just that and much more.”

Alex Reillo presents Gaming In The Real World posted at Alex The Informer, saying, “Have you thought of role-playing your own life? Read the facts on this article.”

AWBrawler presents Why I hate Call of Duty but love Halo posted at AWBrawler’s Game Corner, saying, “This is my official video game blog for e-stranged”

Tomy Wirawan presents Raijin Thunderkeg the Storm Spirit posted at Dota 2 Gamers | Hero Guides | Helpful Hints and Tips.

sigh presents A Look into our Art Process – Pirate Planks – Bonus Round posted at Behind the Scenes of Lucky Lady Games Studio.

Hunter Nelson presents Rage quit baddie!Arrow in the Knee – Check out the details of this meme and the T shirt posted at Rage quit baddie!, saying, “An article about the arrow to the knee meme in skyrim”

Hunter Nelson presents Interview: Professional Gamer, Brittney Walden posted at Rage quit baddie!.

Adam James Naylor presents The Quay posted at Adam James Naylor, saying, “I’m new to this blog carnival lark so forgive me if I’ve done any of this wrong! I thought some people may be interested in the work I put into this map for Call of Duty – United offensive. It’s based on a real location and has an accompanying video that took some time to put together. Would appreciate it being shared if you think it’s any good? Many thanks. Adam”

ROM presents Lost And Confused In Planetside 2 posted at KABALYERO, saying, “Started playing Planetside 2 and I m still lost and confused about it but I m steadily learning how the game is played though.”

Siddique Amin presents Gaming videos and crazy COD players posted at IMFO, saying, “I share a crazy and hilarious experience that occurred while playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I also talk about my new Minecraft video series.”

Robert Wolfe presents PC Cheat Codes posted at PC Cheat Codes, saying, “Offers an extensive archive of PC cheats, codes, hints, walkthroughs, and FAQs.”

upleftdownwhat presents The Great Gatsby- From Novel to NES posted at ????, saying, “Thanks for your consideration!”

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. Join us next month for more great gaming info. You can use the carnival submission form to submit posts for next month’s carnival. Be sure to check out some of the posts of other submitters and perhaps leave a friendly comment or two if you like their work.

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