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26 Aug

Torchlight 2 Announcement of Release Date Announced

Yes, that’s right. A couple days ago, Runic Games has decided to announce that they will be announcing the release date of Torchlight 2 at PAX Prime. Which of course seems pretty silly. You don’t need an announcement for an announcement. Just announce it when the time comes. I suppose they’re trying to build hype, but this kind of thing is always a little odd. Be that as it may, those of us who have decided Torchlight 2 will be our next big hack and slash at least will know soon when we can expect to be playing this game.

Of course, less well known, is that Runic is planning on announcing the release date on the forums first, Thursday night, August 30th. Not a huge difference, but hey, everyone who wants to know first will probably be crowding around waiting for a post letting them know what’s up.

Finally, all of this leaves one to wonder. Are they planning anything by announcing the announcement? Probably not. That said, I had a completely off the wall and slightly irresponsible thought here. Maybe they’re announcing the announcement because they plan to release it on the 31st, and they’re going to be giving the people on the forums a head’s up to this. Quite likely wishful thinking though. Something similar has been done before, but it turned into a pretty lackluster release for the game in question. I doubt that will be an issue for Torchlight 2 though, as people like me have been waiting for this game since finishing the original.

In the meantime, I’ve busted out the original Torchlight and tossed on all the fun mods I can find. Sticking to the three primary classes this time around though, as I didn’t want to completely break the game with overpowered classes like I did after my first playthrough. Just to tide me over until this new entry in the series is ready to go.

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