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10 May

Good Torchlight Mods

I’ve been absent a fair bit lately, I know. I blame Torchlight, which I’ve just recently begun playing. It’s a simple game, but a great one. Of course, adding to the fun is the ability to customize Torchlight through the various mods that are available. With all the different mods out there, you can make Torchlight play however you’d like it to. It is easier to find mods to make the game easier, but there are a few out there to make it more difficult as well. Here, I’m simply going to talk about mods I’ve used, particularly the ones I’ve found fun for one reason or another. There are plenty more out there though, so if you don’t see something here that sounds good to you, take a look for some more.

First and foremost, I highly recommend you download and use Torchleech to manage and download your mods. It makes it very easy to find most mods you might be looking for. I won’t be including links to any mods that can be found on Torchleech, since I don’t have links to most of them and it’s just easier to use the mod manager in most cases. Now, onto the mods.

Edit: Torchleech no longer works, as the server it ran on is now defunct. Instead, there is a new tool called Hotspot that does the same thing. So use that now.

1. Darkfirebird’s Class and Pet Mod

This mod singlehandedly extends the life of Torchlight a hundred times over. It adds 14 classes, though two, the Warlock and Demonologist, are known to cause some problems. It also adds just about every possible pet transformation as a base pet, plus what seems to be some extras. It’s a bit on the powerful side, as some creatures make quite powerful starting pets, and there are some excessively powerful classes included as well, but on the whole, it’s all fairly well-balanced. It should be noted that Darkfirebird did not create the classes that are included, but rather compiled them all so they could be used all at once without a lot of effort on the part of the player mucking around with class locations and conflicting files. Definitely worth installing, will add tons of variety to the game. This is the one mod I’ve tried that’s not available on Torchleech, so I’ve provided the link.

2. Anya’s Gem’s Emporium, Baklah’s Finest Gear, and Spell Dealer (Zeris the Cursed)

I’ve grouped these together because they are all merchants. There are others available if these don’t cover what you’re looking for, but these three are the ones I’m using. They provide shops to sell gems, magic gear (including rare and unique items), and spells, respectively. If you like finding your gear as loot, it’s highly recommended you don’t use these mods, especially Baklah’s Finest Gear. If you’re like me, and prefer to have the pieces you want to build your character at hand, you should give these, and perhaps some other merchant mods, a try. These do, naturally, make the game easier by a bit, so be warned. It’s not massively easier, but better gear availability has its effect.

3. Better Balanced Sale Prices

What this really means is all your items sell for a bit more gold. For unique and rare items, they sell for a lot more gold. This mod is still balanced, giving the player what the mod creator deemed a more fair price for their items. I’m inclined to agree. This mod does make gold a little easier to come by, but it still remains a scarce resource. All in all, makes the game a little easier, but also makes you feel like your items are worth something and helps get you closer to your next purchase.

4. Better Random Quest Rewards

Ever feel ripped off after completing a quest, only to get paltry sums of gold, xp, and fame to go with that useless green magic item? This makes any quest reward that is randomly determined far higher in terms of gold, xp, and fame, and assures you that only rare and unique items will be quest rewards. This mod will make the game far, far easier, as quests are plentiful and the amount of xp and fame will let you level at a fairly steady clip. Only use this if you like leveling quickly.

5. Difficulty vs. Reward

Another mod that makes xp, fame, and gold bountiful, by giving you a bonus based on the difficulty level you play the game on. Of course, the bonuses to these items basically kills the point of playing on a higher difficulty as it makes the higher difficulties easier by providing you with more xp and higher levels on those difficulties. Great if you hope to level quickly, not so great if you wanted the harder difficulties to actually be harder.

6. Respec Mod and Easy Respecs

Both of these mods allow you to respec your skill points through potions available at the general store. The Respec Mod sets the base price of a respec at 15,000 gold, a stiff price, forcing you to use the service only occasionally but providing a reset button when needed. Easy Respecs sets this price at one gold, making it possible to respec whenever you like, for those who feel character builds should be fluid to allow you to experiment and find your playing style. Easy Respecs also allows you to respec your stats by buying potions to lower one stat to raise another, again, for one gold per potion. Respec Mod was released by one of the Torchlight devs, so some people might consider it to be more official and balanced. Whether or not you’ll like either of these depends on your attitude toward respecs. Neither makes the game especially easy, as it doesn’t allow you to do anything you couldn’t without careful planning, it just makes it easier to find your playstyle without making new characters all the time.

7. Epic Boss Maps

Be warned, this mod will cause you to level up insanely quickly and find copious amounts of loot. Do not use it if you want to enjoy the scenic route through Torchlight, or at least wait to use it until you don’t mind hitting level 100 in the next few hours. That said, it’s great fun to go into battle against champion after champion. The champion floors are accessed by buying map portals, so you can choose when you would like to head in, making it easy to decide when you’re ready to face them all. They will be a challenge on all but the easiest difficulty, so bring your best gear and lots of potions. A great mod, so long as you use it in the end game, or to try out new characters after finishing the game without the mod beforehand.

8. Gold Sharing Service

This nice mod adds a bank portal to town, bringing you to an area where you can buy deposit slips to put into your shared stash to transfer gold between characters. Very nice for those who wished you could keep gold in the stash and share it with characters like items. Deposit slips are bought and sold for the same amount of gold, so there’s no need to worry about losing any gold in the transfer.

9. Low-Res Texture Mod and High-Res Texture Mod

These do exactly what you would think. The Low-Res Texture  Mod is for those whose computers still struggle to run Torchlight. Install, and the low resolution textures should take up less memory, providing a smoother game experience. The High-Res Texture Mod is for those with modern computers that laugh at Torchlight’s minuscule system requirements and would like to add a bit more punch to Torchlight’s already wonderful graphics. Most likely, you’ll want to take a look at one of these mods, depending on the power of your computer. Completely cosmetic, but can definitely enhance the game.

10. More Stash

This does not give you anymore shared stash space, but it does give you 19 more chests scattered through town for all your gear storage needs. If you thought the measly space offered by the single chest wasn’t enough and found yourself making tons of mules, this should keep up with your storage needs for quite awhile. Very helpful.

11. Potions Stacksize

This handy mod will allow you to keep up to 200 potions or scrolls of the same type in a single stack. Far nicer than the original 20. Some might complain this makes the game easier, but I’ve never gone through more than twenty potions in a dungeon anyway, so all it really does is give you less bookkeeping, since you can just buy (or find) your potions all at once instead of swapping them out every time you get back into town without losing all your inventory space.

12. Shadow Vault+ (Bosses and Warps)

This fun mod adds boss fights back into the Shadow Vault. I personally get tired of just fighting the old monsters all the time and like to mix things up with additional boss fights. This mod adds in the old bosses you fought before, with scaled up levels to match the floors they’re appearing on. Very nice for those who like their boss battles. It also attempts to continue adding warps at all the boss floors, but only the first warp actually works, so don’t use the waypoints this mod generates, or you risk having to walk back to the floor you were at before.

13. UniqueDrop + SuccessEnchant or Enchant Never Wipe

The first of these mods forces most item drops to become unique and set items, with the occasional rare and magic drops included. The rate of item drops slows down a bit, but the rate of unique drops is much higher. Both of these mods will prevent items from being destroyed through enchantment, though that is the sole purpose of the second mod. Though the first mod causes insane amounts of increased power, both will definitely make the game easier and should only be used if they fit the style of game you want to play. UniqueDrop is great for those focused on building a character, gear and all, rather than looking for loot. If loot is what you play for, UniqueDrop will kill your fun pretty quickly, in addition to making the game easier. If you play to build, this might be a good addition for you. Also worth noting is that if you combine this mod with Baklah’s Finest Gear, the new magic gear merchant will sell almost all unique and set items, making it easy to pick and choose the gear you want as long as you can get the gold. If what you want is to get insanely powerful items through enchantment, either mod is a good pick for you, though the second will allow you to continue experiencing the wide variety of items Torchlight offers.

14. XP Potions

This mod will destroy the game balance of Torchlight. However, if you’re simply looking for gold and XP, and lots of it, this mod is the ticket. XP Potions grant as high as a 150% XP bonus, and they sell for oodles of gold as well. Yes, they actually drop from enemies, with higher level potions dropping as you reach higher levels. If you’re willing to fork over a good chunk of gold, you can also buy them from the new XP Potion merchant in town. As they’re good for one hour, a single potion will go a long way. If you’re looking to build characters quickly, or create lots of heirlooms, this is a good mod for you. If you prefer a long(ish) grind to level to max level, or like the current balance of wealth, you should skip this one.

So there you have it, 14 mods for Torchlight that you might find worth checking out. Give any that sound interesting a try, and see if they improve your experience. Also feel free to share your favorite mods in the comments so we can give them a try.

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