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28 Apr

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, April 2011

Welcome to the April 2011 edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers.

Mike Ross presents Cosplay Creator Dan Lewis Speaks Out on Mass Effect Costumes posted at CosBlog!, saying, “Dan is the creator of three highly detailed costumes from the video game Mass Effect 2.”

Reece Bennett presents I Acquire a Horse! posted at BenneyBoy444’s Blog.

Crashmaster Joe presents Why You Need A Custom Computer For PC Gaming posted at CRASHMASTERS Computer Sales & Repair – Our Custom Computers Are Built To Your Needs!, saying, “The epic debate between PC and Console gaming, plus why you need a custom PC for PC gaming.”

KateAddict presents Mortal Kombat 9 posted at MMA, Wrestling, Comic and Gaming News.

Niels Van Hellemont presents Voice acting in video games posted at The Grumbler, saying, “An article where I elaborate on the importance of voice acting in video games. About how it makes or breaks a video game, along with a table of well-known voice actors.”

Spaz presents The five things every serious gamer needs posted at Puter Gamers [dot] com, saying, “My first ever experience with a Lan Party.”

Jordan Smith presents World of Warcraft By the Numbers posted at

Stephen presents Linux for Playstation 3 – Turn your console into a desktop posted at Gamer D.I.Y.D.

Antti Leivo presents Retrogaming in Osaka posted at Sebaattori, saying, “Blog is not solely a gaming blog, although more gaming content will be published in the near future.”

DocStout presents Can’t Stick the Landing – RPGs and poor endings. posted at What’s Next? – The Unemployed Geek, saying, “Though my blog is far from exclusively about video games, I write at least once weekly about them, and this is one of the articles I think would be of greatest interest.”

Gabriel Monroe presents Minecraft? More like Minecrack! posted at Daily Game Review, saying, “Enjoy =]”

John M presents Table Top WarGaming with Lead Wars on the iPhone | iPhone Experience posted at iPhone Experience, saying, “Using the larger screen of the iPad to good use, Lead Wars combines the traditional style of Table Top WarGaming with modern technology.”

David Avetyan presents How to Deal with Those Big Guys – Buying from them posted at Wholesale Games, saying, “A user guide for small traders on how to contact, open an account, and buy from large distributors and wholesalers of video games and consoles.”

Niels Van Hellemont presents 100 Greatest Video Games Of All Time (100 ? 80) posted at The Grumbler, saying, “The first installment of The Grumbler’s top 100 video games of all time. Provided with a bit of text and an image. By the time you see this we’ll be (almost) done with the series.”

yudhi presents Sales of PlayStation 3 Translucent 50 Million Units posted at News Today.

Kabalyero presents Super Hero Squad Online Beta posted at Free Play MMO, saying, “Everyone is now welcome to create an account and play Super Hero Squad Online. Before, players are required to enter or use a Beta Code to be able to create an account in Super Hero Squad Online but that is no longer the case. Anyone who wish to play Super Hero Squad Online are now free to create an account and play the game for FREE!”

vicky presents Sony Ericsson Xperia Playa Play Review posted at Games World.

Meg presents Overheard in New York posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Scott Schriefer presents Are RPGs Better than Reality? posted at Shame Pile, saying, “What do role-playing games have on reality? Escapism, fun, improbable physiques. Beyond all that, here are four ways RPGs sometimes meet needs that the real world doesn’t. And no, I’m not talking about sex.”

Scott Schriefer presents RPG Character Creation Anxiety posted at Shame Pile, saying, “RPG character creation anxiety is a real condition and I have it. I don’t believe I’ve ever made it through the introduction of any computer RPG without scrapping my character and starting again.”

Bryan Keithley presents Trying to Be Bad: A Gamer’s Quandary posted at Finally Fast, saying, “A lot of games nowadays allow you to be good or evil. Champion or conqueror. Valorous or villainous. Savior… or sinner!…but is it good to be bad?”

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. Join us next month for more great gaming info. You can use the carnival submission form to submit posts for next month’s carnival. Be sure to check out some of the posts of other submitters and perhaps leave a friendly comment or two if you like their work.

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