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18 Nov

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, November 2010

Welcome to the November 2010 edition of Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. As you might have noticed, it’s a bit earlier in the month than usual. This is so I can enjoy Thanksgiving without worrying about a carnival while still making sure we have one for this month. So onward to gaming posts.

Ian Lurie presents Back in the Multiplayer Saddle and We’re Totally Bucked posted at Starcraft, Starcraft 2 and Other Obsessions. Here, we have a beta tester’s experience of Starcraft 2 after release, and how he used his experience from the beta to score multiplayer victories in the final release.

Robert Chapman presents World of Warcraft / Jerik in Azeroth 4 posted at Bob’s Blog, saying, “Were you ever afraid to jump into the World of Warcraft because of so many friends that became addicted? Well let me do it for you! Seriously though, this is a series of blog posts testing the addictiveness of the worlds leading MMORPG.” Here Bob continues his adventure through WoW, learning what the game may have to offer.

Robert Chapman presents Rumors: PSP Phone Leak posted at Bob’s Blog, saying, “Is this the next Playstation Portable? Read on to get all the information on an upcoming PSP… phone?” Here, we have a quick rumor about a PSP phone. Check it out if you’re interested, but I’m not promising this has any veracity.

Robert Chapman presents Little Big Planet 2 – Beta Gameplay posted at Bob’s Blog, saying, “Want to know what you’re missing out on while other players are testing out the Little Big Planet 2 beta test? Check out this link to find videos on all the best levels created with Media Molecule’s new LBP2 tool set.” Some videos of Little Big Planet 2, along with some other info.

ROM presents Play Champions Online For FREE! posted at Free Play MMO, saying, “Get ready for the Free-To-Play release of Champions Online!” Some info on Champions Online, a superhero MMO moving over to free to play. Looks interesting, so if you’re into MMOs and super heroes, give it a look.

Mike Tye presents Video games Vs the real world posted at Mikes Simple Blog, saying, “A comparison of new video games to the likes of Super Mario on the NES.” I think Mike would be surprised to find that not all gamers sit around playing all day, that we actually get out and do things… and even exercise. Still, he scores points for recognizing the good ol’ days of video games having games that are far different than today’s.

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. Join us next month for more great gaming info. You can use the carnival submission form to submit posts for next month’s carnival, to be hosted on December 16, 2010. Be sure to check out some of the posts of other submitters and perhaps leave a friendly comment or two if you like their work.

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