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28 Oct

Organizing a Game of D&D or a Raid in WoW

I might do a serious post on this later, but for now, I just want to have a little fun with it. So now, the stories of two groups trying to organize a game of Dungeons and Dragons and a World of Warcraft raid.

I try to poke a little bit of fun at everyone, as well as convey that while some people in any hobby can be irritating, most of us really are laid back and can work with people when we need to. We all understand that games are hard to organize sometimes, with real life, and that’s really what I want to hit at here. I guess we’ll see how successful all that is. It’s my hope that whatever side of the fence you fall on, or even if you happen to like both games, you can enjoy this brief story told from two different groups’ perspectives.

WoW Guild Organizing a Raid

Shadowraven121:  so we’re all in for tonight right?
Devonisawesome32: yeah, we gonna rock ony tonight
DBZlover9000: I’m in. So’s my roommate, he’s just out picking up the pizza right now.
Daverocks783: actually, i’m gonna have to skip the 1st one tonight
Daverocks783: my girlfriend wants me to go play d&d with her group tonight
DBZlover9000: You have a girlfriend? lol
Daverocks783: i’ll be back for the 2nd one at midnight though
Shadowraven121: dude ur the healer. we need u. d&d is lame. help the guild out man.
DBZlover9000: It’s cool guys. I can pick up some of the slack with druid heals, and my roommate’s a pally, so he can help pick up some slack too. Then we just need another tank instead of another healer. That’s easy enough to do.
Shadowraven121: that could work… but be back for the 2nd
Devonisawesome32: have fun tonite man… see you back around 12
Daverocks783: cool. i’ll be back for 2nd raid anyway, so we can rock that one easy
Daverocks783: gtg, we’re just about ready to leave.

D&D Group Organizing a Game

Jenny: I’m gonna have to leave a few minutes early tonight. My boyfriend wants to be back in time for a World of Warcraft raid at midnight tonight.

Tyler: Seriously? Your boyfriend plays WoW? What a tool. That game’s such a waste of money. I know so many people who failed out of school playing that game.

Jenny: People don’t always fit your stereotypes you know. Lay off a bit.

Tom: Well, we’ll have to cut the game a little short, since your plotline is kind of important right now, but we can make it work. No biggie. We’ll just have to make sure we keep moving things along tonight.

Lina: That actually works out well for me. It’ll give me a little extra time to sleep tonight so I can study tomorrow.

Jon: Man, I was looking forward to a good long session of D&D to put this week behind me. Why you guys always gotta ruin it with other plans?

Tom: Look, this week we’re going a little short because other people have other places to be. Maybe we can work out a long session next week.

Jon: You always say that man, but something always comes up for someone. Dungeons and Dragons takes commitment to make it work. You guys are lacking in that.

Jenny: Maybe we just know how to balance D&D with the rest of our lives, and can compromise with other people who may want to do other things. Anyway, me and Dave will be over soon. See you then.

Tom: Sounds good. We’ll see you guys soon.

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