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30 Nov

Some Monster Hunter 3 Tri Hints and Tips

Please note most of these tips are geared toward people playing alone, both online and offline. This is how I’ve been playing the game. Also, I’ve currently finished single player mode, and I’m only on 2 star missions online, so this also has a slant toward offline gaming. I say this so you know where I’m coming from as I offer these tips, as there may be better options for those further into online gameplay, particularly if you play in groups.

Learn a couple weapon types. While you may find one you think you’ll always want to use (and this may even be true), no single weapon is good against every monster. I’m not saying you can’t make it work, but some weapon types are just lousy against particular bosses. Even more important, sometimes a particular weapon may be especially effective against a particular boss, especially if it’s the only one you can pick up at the time with the right elemental attack. Knowing how to use more than one weapon is very helpful.

Use decorations to boost skills. Start early and update often. Skill jewels can be socketed and removed for a small price, and skills are often quite helpful in particular battles. Note that when you remove a jewel, it is returned to your inventory and you do not lose it. Some good ones are grinder, the elemental resistances, earplugs, and good luck, to name a few.

Don’t go out of your way to get the health skills unless you expect to die a lot. You can boost health for the mission by eating at the feline/restaurant, so save your weapon and armor slots for other decorations. Don’t turn down an armor that comes with health if you like the other skills, mind you, just remember that you can get the max health boost elsewhere.

Be sure to eat before difficult missions to give yourself some extra abilities. You can find what different combinations do here: MH3: Kitchen Skills. Also remember that using fresh ingredients gives you a better chance of getting extra felyne skills, and that Fraidy Cat makes boss monsters much easier.

When it comes to gathering materials in the late game, having the Jaggi Mask is very helpful. It gives you a skill called good luck that gives you a chance of getting more quest items at the end of a quest. I recommend getting one as soon as you’re capable of completing the Jump Four Jaggi event quest online, so you’ll have it available whenever you need to come by more quest items.

Upgrade your farm and fishing fleet as early as you can. The farm upgrades come periodically through the game, and you’ll be told what materials to gather in order to make the upgrade by the chief’s son. The fishing fleet upgrades can be traded for with rare trades with the Argosy Captain. You can get items for rare trades by fighting bosses in Moga Woods, then talking to the chief’s son and claiming your rewards. I’m not sure when the trades become available, but I believe you should see some by the time you have the whole fleet.

Use your farm and fishing fleet to gather materials and resources you can use to keep the farm and fleet going and to create consumables and gear. You’ll mostly get items to make consumables out of this deal, which is great since then you won’t have to buy them. Anything that can go towards new gear is great because it means you don’t have to grind for it or gather it later.

The best place to get armor spheres of all kinds that I’ve found is in the volcano, areas 9, 10, and 5. Area 5 also has respawning mine points, so bring lots of pickaxes. You can create a mega pickaxe by combining a bone with machalite  ore, both of which you should have a decent supply of when you get to the volcano. Adv armor sphere’s are most likely to crop up in area 5, and if you wear a Jaggi Mask you can expect to see some in your quest rewards most of the time too.

Some items can only be obtained if you break certain parts of a monster before killing it. The most well known of these are monsters’ tails, which you then have a chance to carve from the severed tail. However, other items, such as Gobul’s Lantern and the Lagiacrus Horn, can also only be received on the quest reward screen if you break those parts during the battle as well. Capturing a monster rather than killing it provides more rewards on the quest screen, but denies you the chance to get carves. Also note that the Great Baggi armor set improves your capture rewards with the skill Capture Expert. Some claim it also works with break rewards, but I have yet to notice this.

For more helpful information, I recommend the Monster Hunter 3 Tri Wiki.

And this is a wonderful chart of materials at different gathering nodes.

Finally, here’s a combination guide in case you were looking for items you can make with materials you’ve gathered.

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