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06 Sep

My New World of Darkness Character Is the World

To be clear, my friends and I play a combination of 2nd edition and revised World of Darkness, back when mages simply reshaped reality based on their beliefs about what they could do. So there is no set way to perform magic, it’s just what you come up with after awakening. Which makes this concept perfectly viable and within the rules of the game. Which I think is awesome.

This character views the entire world as a reflection of himself. If he wishes to make a change in the world, he makes the change in himself and the world around him follows suit. If a certain aspect of himself is harmful, such as a vampire attacking his friends, he could burn that aspect away, which might manifest as using force magic to destroy the vampire. To resolve a less black and white dispute, he would bring dueling aspects of himself back into harmony, such as by using mind magic to help people see both sides of an issue and come to a compromise.

Then there are all the groups of people in the world that represent different parts of himself. Vampires represent that which is dead inside, werewolves are his wild side, unawakened humans reflect the progress he still has to make in using awakened magic, changelings remind him of the part of him that looks for the fun in everything, and awakened mages represent the part of him that has come into his power to effect and change the world. Just to list some examples.

The overwhelming darkness in the world is reflective of the darkness within him, and when he manages to conquer this darkness, he will be successful in bringing the world back to the light. Of course, being the World of Darkness, I don’t expect to ever reach this goal in a campaign, I simply intend to use this as a driving goal for my character to pursue personal improvement and improvement of at least his corner of the world.

Since the overwhelming goal of this character is the healing and reconciliation of himself and the world, I would look at getting life, mind, matter, and spirit as his first spheres, probably starting with life and mind, unless my storyteller gave me good reason to go with something else. This is still something I have to think about more though, but I have the time, so it works out. Keeping with this theme though, I’d likely choose to specialize in social and introspective abilities, with a smattering of abilities to help my character with observing the world around around him to learn his next personal challenge.

I expect this will be a challenging character to play, but also a ton of fun. I’m used to focusing on combat after one foray into a non-combat campaign was derailed. This will be another try at a non-combatant character, though I do have some combat backup in the concept in case it becomes necessary, as it usually does at least occasionally in most games. Now I just need to flesh out some more  details and wait for the next game to start that I’ll be able to make on a regular basis.

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