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30 Sep

Glitch: Super Sonic Flying in Metropolis Zone Act 2 in Sonic 2

Now, of course Super Sonic can fly anywhere in the sense that he hovers off the ground whenever he hits a certain speed. That’s not what I’m talking about though. I’m talking about him being a good distance off the ground and flying straight ahead through the air. It only works in a specific location, but it’s cool none the less. Also, as a side note, this trick can be done without having Super Sonic if you want Sonic to just run on air, but you’ll need rings to survive some falls through lava, or an invincibility box and some speed. Now, onto the glitch.

First, you’ll want to reach Metropolis Zone Act 2 with all seven chaos emeralds. You can do this legit, or you can use the level select and chaos emerald codes… but you wouldn’t do something like that, right? Now that you’ve made it here, you want to start by heading right across the lava, killing or dodging the crab, and going through the machine and up the yellow springy things. Head right, dodge the grasshopper, go down past the gears, then head right, past the drop you can take on a platform, until you reach one of the elevator nuts you can run on. Here, you can jump through the wall where there is fence above the horizontal pipe and walk along said pipe. Follow the hidden passage to the other side. Be sure to have twenty rings by this point.

Now, at the other end of the passage, you’ll see a screw with no nut on it. Just jump down and you’ll land on a nut, which you should carefully lower until it falls off into the lava below. Jump to your right and pick up three ring boxes, then change into Super Sonic. Jump onto the platform in the lava to the right and stand there. It will bring you through the lava and floor to an area below. Head right and jump into the lava and find the next platform floating in the lava. Jump on this, stay still, and let it bring you through the floor again. This time, you won’t make it all the way through the last floor you go through.

To fix this, jump once. You’ll fall below to the floor. Now hold right, and you’ll run back up into the ceiling. Jump again. You’ll fall to the floor below again. DO NOT JUMP AFTER YOU REACH THE FLOOR THIS TIME. Jumping will cause the glitch to abort here. Sonic will look like he does when he stands at the edge of a ledge. If you run right or left now, you will be on an invisable platform of air. Hit full speed, and you’ll be flying! You can’t get very far with this, since you can’t move up or down with the glitch in place, but it’s fun to mess with. Just don’t let the rising platform in the room off to the right come up below you before you want to stop playing around, as that will end the glitch. Whenever you want to move on, you can jump to end the glitch, or let the platform rise up below you as mentioned before.

Good luck, and happy flying.

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