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29 Dec

Left 4 Dead Fan Movie

Browsing the Internet I recently stumbled across a wonderful fan made Left 4 Dead movie. Don’t let the moniker fan made scare you away from watching it, this is a high quality video.

I’ll admit, I’ve only played a small amount of Left 4 Dead, but it seems the video did a very nice job capturing a small part of each aspect of the game, while also recognizing it is in fact a movie and not a game that we’re watching.

While perhaps some liberties have been taken with some cameos, I thought it was quite well done and entertaining to watch, and the cameos provide some nice shout outs to those who have been gaming for some time now.

Kudos to those who created it. I think I’ll be heading back to YouTube to look for more of their work after I finish writing this.

The video actually makes me want to really play Left 4 Dead. I’ve actually avoided it because I have no 360 and no love for Steam (yes, if I had to choose a DRM scheme that uses online activation, Steam would be it, but I still don’t like it), but the fact that Skyrim uses it has dragged me into accepting it’s here to stay… for now. Which means I’m now considering going back to purchase Left 4 Dead and play what I’ve been missing out on.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not generally a fan of shooters. The last one I completed single player in was the original Unreal Tournament, and the last one I played for more than a couple hours was Brink. But the taste I got of Left 4 Dead on a friend’s 360 does leave me wanting more, and this video reminded me a little of that. So, sometime soon now, I should go pick up a copy (yes, I still insist on buying it on disc), so I can really play through it. Might give me something a little different from my usual gaming fare.

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