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12 Jun

League of Legends – Getting the Hang of This Now

Well, I’m at that wonderful point where, when I play carefully, I can make it through a game against intermediate bots with only a couple deaths, and when I play aggressively and die more often, I can still make it up with the extra gold I get in the process. Also, I’ve moved on to primarily playing PVP games, as the game is intended to be played, and am about 50/50 win/loss right now.

Lots of things have helped me get better. One was having someone willing to mentor me for a couple games, just to see the big mistakes I made and tell me how I could fix those. Thanks Lilah, that was a great help. Another was the Reddit LoL community, which I’ve found has a lot of good advice, as well as links to other places that have good advice. I’ve also found that the guides at SoloMid have been the best fit for me in terms of building viable characters, so long as I stick to the approved and featured guides. I know others like Leaguecraft and Mobafire, so if their guides fit you better, by all means, use those. My personal recommendation goes to SoloMid as their guides have helped me the most though.

So, what have I learned? Well, there are options to make your hud smaller and more streamlined to see more of the play area. Also, you can configure controls for smartcasting, which makes it so when you use an ability it works like flash, simply targeting wherever your cursor is on screen, so you don’t have to click again to confirm the skill. I find this makes it way easier to cast skills quickly, while others prefer the default to see where they’re aiming, but it’s good to know about it either way. Interface customization really is helpful, though I ignored it for awhile since it can’t be done outside of a match. If you want to see how to make these changes, check out Colbycheeze’s Summoner Academy 01, which is where I first learned of these and a few other tips.

Also, last hitting is really important, and makes a huge difference in gold. I kept hearing it was, and kept trying to do it well, and now that I’m doing it better (though not as well as some people I’ve seen), I’m really seeing that difference. Not dying as much has also helped on the issue of gold and xp, of course.

I’ve expanded my repertoire of characters a bit as well. I prefer Morgana and Annie for mages these days (not a big fan of the way Ryze does scaling mostly by mana now that I’ve had a chance to try other mages), I use Janna for support, and Cho’Gath and Garen for tanky DPS. Still can’t really get the hang of playing full tanks yet, and for some reason AD carries still give me a hard time, but I’m going to work on those soon. Jungling I’m going to save for when I’m closer to 30, as I’ve heard many people say it’s best to wait until you have full runes/masteries for that, and my own experiences seem to agree with that. That, or I just need more practice jungling, but either way.

Another thing I’ve learned is that the difficulty level of playing a character is something that isn’t very helpful to me. I actually found Janna extremely easy to play, though it’s true she’s the only support I have played so far. I can see how her ultimate could cause problems for teams, and that could be what the developers were thinking about. I also know it’s true I’m probably not using her to her fullest potential, but that’s probably true of most characters I’ve played. Still, I found myself performing way better playing Janna than most of the “easy” characters to that point, and have since started ignoring the recommendation bar. I’d recommend anyone try some hard characters and see how they fare. I’m sure for some people these recommendations make sense, but for me, they really only convinced me to hold off on trying other characters I would have enjoyed playing.

Finally, when it comes to not dying vs. scraping together just a little more gold in the laning phase, the goal is not dying. Just hit b and get back to base, buy what you can (if anything) and go back to laning. You can get the big bad item on your next trip back.

Some areas I’m still working on are whether to stay in lane when my laning partner has left and I also really need the hp. I usually end up hanging out at the tower and harassing opponents from there until my partner returns, but I end up dying about half the time I do this and almost always lose a ton of farm. Not sure if this is a sign I shouldn’t try to hold the tower, and hope minions can do it instead, or if I’m choosing the best of a bad choice, since towers are rather important. Also, I wonder sometimes if it’s better to have an extended session of 1v2 against my team, particularly when I’m a gimped 1 vs less gimped 2 due to low hp, or have a shorter 0v2 followed by a strong 2v2 again. Possibly my next project to work on in bettering my game. I have a hunch that it’s probably better to go 0v2 shortly, but that seems very counterintuitive, and does leave a tower vulnerable. So I guess I’ll have to play some games and ask some people to find out.

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