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22 May

League of Legends – Moving on to Intermediate Bots Again

Well, I’ve made a little progress. Playing against beginner bots, I’m not dying in the laning phase anymore. Still do in team fights sometimes, but it’s progress, and frankly, it’s probably impossible not to die in team fights sometimes. I’ve also decided that I’m ready to give intermediate games a shot again. So I did a couple nights ago.

As it started out, I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Got going, had a good rhythm, obviously made some mistakes, but nothing that got me killed for awhile. Then one of the players made a comment about how I should be protecting him more since I was the tank, so I tried to do that, and that’s about the time I started dying. I may have died once before then, my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I don’t think I did. And that’s when the whole team (at least it seemed like it) reamed me out. After that, one of the players did give me a couple quick tips, which helped, but really only go so far. Yeah, I can try to be protective, but when the enemies basically turn my whole health bar red at once, there’s a problem. It seems like armor does almost nothing, though I know that’s not true.

Still, I wonder what to do in some situations. 1v4 at tower? I could let them wreck the tower, but that seems silly. So engage and pray I take at least one out and buy time for others to get there. I’m thinking next time maybe I should just let the tower get sacked and retreat though? We did end up losing the tower anyway after all.

Eventually, we lost, and one of the players stuck around and was very helpful. Answered a lot of questions and had some advice to impart. Most important? I need to get back to my basic rule of not dying at all costs. This includes porting back to base when health is low, regardless of how bad the timing might be. I’m sure there may be times a sacrifice might be worth it, but I’m not sure how to judge those times as of now.

Most unexpected? Mages aren’t necessarily AP carries. Whoops. I thought they were synonymous, but not so. I wish there were a quick way to identify who is and isn’t an AP carry, as I’ve never seen a carry tag on a mage, but I guess I’ll just have to learn that with time. Definitely good to know when it comes to team comp though.

So those are some new hints to roll into my playstyle a bit, which will hopefully help along with more practice.

That said, I’d like to note that while there was a helpful player there who took some time to help me out after the game, there were a couple who were treating the entire affair as though it were a ranked match. To those less than helpful people: it was a bot game! Deal! When people are learning the game, guess where they go play. They play in bot games. And not just beginner bot games, but intermediate ones as well. Know why? Because if they only play beginner bots, they aren’t going to get any better. Eventually, they also play PvP games. Because again, the only way you get better is to play against opponents more skilled than you are. So if someone isn’t playing up to your expectations, tough luck. You have two good options. Sit back, play the game as well as you can, and let it be. Or, even better, offer constructive criticism and advice. Don’t die isn’t constructive. Everyone knows they want to avoid dying.

Constructive would be don’t trade a kill for a kill, it’s not worth it. But trading a kill for two kills might be. Or, as I was told recently, port back to base when low on hp, don’t try to stick it out for any reason, especially if you’re the tank. That second bit is counter-intuitive to me, as I’d think the tank should be the one most capable of sticking it out, and most likely needed to stick it out. I assume team fights are different, and it may also be different at higher levels of play when I know more what I’m doing.

So, to the player who took some time to help me after the match, thank you. To those just raging because I wasn’t up to your level. It was a bot game. It wasn’t even against other players, let alone ranked. Get over it.

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