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08 Mar

Server Change!

Update: Whoops, lost the last update in this post on the server switch. This backup was before I changed this post a bit. In any case, no big deal, if you’re seeing this update, this means  the switch has been made for you, and any comments you make will go to the new server and should remain on site. Thanks for your understanding while I’ve been making the move.

I still have the registrar switch to make when another day or two has gone by and everyone’s eyeballs are on the new server. I don’t expect any downtime from making the switch, but it’s possible there will be some. If there is, I’m sorry about that, but the site will be back soon. In any case, whenever the site is up, it can be used exactly as it always has been, and nothing should be lost, barring normal server accidents that occasionally occur. Within the week, I expect everything to be back to normal, if it doesn’t stay that way already.

Just a head’s up, I’m planning to switch web hosts soon, in fact, probably today. As Gaming My Way has grown, my needs have simply changed. I’ve been looking at this possibility for awhile, and today just happens to be a day where I think I’ll have the time to get it done without a whole lot of hassle. I don’t expect any issues, but apparently they crop up sometimes. So if you see the site is down sometime today or in the next week, don’t panic, it will be back.

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