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24 Mar

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, March 2011

Welcome to the March 2011 edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. Let’s get straight to the gaming goodness. Niels Van Hellemont starts us off this month with The dangers of excessive gaming posted at The Grumbler, saying, “This post is from February still, I hope that’s ok for you because I really believe […]

22 Mar

Best Wizard Spells in Pathfinder

So, you want to play a wizard? This is, of course, an excellent choice. Bending the laws of physics to your whim to overcome your enemies is always a great strategy. But, which spells to choose? While many spells got hit by the nerf bat transitioning from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder, there’s still plenty of […]

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