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03 Jun

Wii Have a Console

Yep, that’s right, I finally decided to go buy a Wii, meaning I now have my first working console of the current generation. I have the two Wii Sports games it now comes with, along with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Yes, you will probably be hearing more about these at some point, even though most of them are older than dirt for people who jumped into this generation at the beginning. Still, I’ve been writing about past generations for quite awhile, so I can’t imagine anyone reading will be too bothered by that. For now, some general thoughts.

As for the Wii itself, I’ve been having a blast with it. Sure, part of that is the new console feel, but another part is definitely how much fun it is to play. The games that make full use of the motion controls and integrate them carefully into the gameplay definitely provide a very different experience from traditional gameplay, but one that I imagine will be just as engaging when used in a full-fledged game. Games that use more traditional controls, naturally, feel like the games I grew up with, though well thought out incorporations of motion control can definitely enhance the gameplay by allowing you to contort your fingers less to reach all the buttons you need. On the flip side, bad motion control (yes, I’ve played games that incorporate it poorly), just feels cheap and gimmicky.

The internet browser feels more like a novelty item than something truly useful though. I mean, seriously, no support  for Flash versions above 8? No means to upgrade?  That’s pretty much all internet video down the tubes now. Which is kind of what I would use the internet on the Wii for, watching online video on my TV so I don’t have to get out my cords to hook my laptop to the TV instead. Still, zooming, moving around the page, and navigating through web pages is done well, and it’ll do for online access in a pinch.

I’ve also found the Wii, with some assistance, can double as a decent workout that’s actually fun to go ahead with. Specifically, Wii Sports Boxing or Wii Sports Resort Swordplay combined with some wrist weights to add in some resistance feels pretty good after a half hour or so. It’s not going to scare any body-builders, but it’s definitely easier to stay motivated when it involves playing a game. I know the Wii has dedicated workout games, but I don’t think I’ll bother unless I see something very appealing.

So far, making Miis has also been fun, as many Wii fans has said it is. Nothing to spend lots of time on, but an amusing diversion, and it is fun to see representations of you and and your friends showing up in games that use Miis.

In any case, in the few days I’ve had it so far, it’s been very fun. And now Galaxy is calling for me to hunt more stars, so I’ll have more later.

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