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21 Dec

Lords of Magic Special Edition Glitch: “Free” Warrior Spirits

First, as a heads up, I’ve only tried this on the unpatched special edition of Lords of Magic. This glitch may or may not work with other versions of the game. Also, this glitch is more fun than useful, since if you like to cheat, there are way better ways to get ahead… unless you think glitches are ok but cheat codes aren’t.

Now then, onto the good stuff. You’re going to need a couple things. First, you need a mage from the Order faith. Then, you need access to the summon warrior spirit spell. Most likely, this means lots of research in the order library, meaning you’ll need to have control of the order faith for a good long time. It may also be possible to trade for the spell though. Or, since we’re cheating anyway, you could just use the “all spells” code and save yourself the trouble.

Once you have these things, it’s pretty simple. You enter battle, and you cast your summon warrior spirit spells to summon as many warrior spirits as you would like to have. Then, once the battle is sure to go your way, you hit the autocalc button before the combat has a chance to end. This will finish the battle up for you, but it will bypass the end of battle flag that causes the warrior spirits to disappear when the fight ends. This will lead to you keeping those warrior spirits you summoned in battle. You do still have to pay the upkeep costs on them though, so don’t get too greedy. Also remember, if you ever finish a battle with these warrior spirits, they will disappear, so you must autocalc any fights you have with your free warrior spirits, whether you do so from the beginning, or you wait until just before the fight ends.

So, as you can see, they are a bit more restricted than the real warrior spirits, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s fun to glitch games, especially if you might be able to wrangle some sort of advantage out of them.

Now, armed with this new knowledge, adventure forth into Urak, and whip those followers of Chaos into line. And while you’re at it, consider saving the world with those knights in shining armor you’ll be summoning too.

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