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07 Jan

Achievement Unlocked: Obtained Xbox 360

Yes, that’s right, despite everything I’ve said before, though I’m not sure how much on this site, my first console of this generation is an Xbox 360. For those who know that my original first choice was a Wii, you may be slightly confused. Rest assured, I haven’t changed my priorities at all.

The thing is though, you just can’t beat the price of free.

You see, a friend of mine had a spare 360 lying around, and knowing I had no current consoles, he offered to give me his spare. Now, you might wonder why he was giving it away rather than selling it. Naturally, it has some issues with it. Most notably, it can be ridiculously hard to get the DVD drive to read a disc. This can make it a chore to get started with a game. The controller is also a bit finicky. It’s a wired one, and the wire has to be left a certain way in order for it to work. Other than that, it’s the original core system, so not much in the way of bells and whistles, or even necessities like a hard drive/memory card.

Perhaps you see why it’s free. But it is very cool to have it, and he was also kind enough to loan me his copy of Left 4 Dead, so I’ve been messing around with that a bit. I’m about a week or two away from having a job again, so once that happens I can work on getting the essentials and a couple of games of my own to enjoy with the system. Possibly even a new controller and, if things work out, a fully working DVD drive. If I can find that one spare part, then I won’t even need to get a new 360 when I have the funds for it, which would be pretty awesome.

So for now, looks like I’m off to play some more Left 4 Dead and find some good non-shooter games to pick up for the new member of my console lineup.

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