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26 Oct

E3 is Coming Back

The big gaming companies realized they made a bit of a mistake a few years ago. No, they haven’t collectively realized DRM is bad yet, though we can hope. What they have realized is that E3 shouldn’t have been scaled back, and now they’re going to fix it by making E3 big again.

For starters, I want to note some of the information about specifics is disputed. For instance, the source I’ve linked says that E3 will be partially open to the public towards the end of the show, whereas Gamespot points out there is some dispute on this.

What is clear is that they’re going back to having tens of thousands of guests rather than the few thousand of the past couple years, and they’re making it more open to all members of the gaming industry. While this may be more costly, it’s apparently worth the cost in order to connect with gamers and get the word out on their new games and hardware.

And now, for my editorial on this. It’s about time! No one has really paid much attention to E3 the past couple of years. Sure, there’s been coverage, but it’s been very lackluster compared to the big-time years. Moreover, it’s been harder to find good information that came directly out of E3. More specifically, the information has blended in with all the other video game journalism out there, and hasn’t really stood out. E3 in it’s current incarnation has just failed to generate any video gaming buzz.

In the past, if you had any interest in video games, you were bombarded with E3 announcements anytime you went anywhere gaming related on the internet during the show, and usually for a week after. And they were usually the kinds of things gamers wanted to hear about. Sure, I could find this information by looking for it, but it’s just not as convenient has having it put right in front of me. More importantly, I’ve never had the chance to attend E3, and everyone knows it’s a gamer’s dream to make it there once. Now that it exists as it used to once again, I may still get that chance someday.

Seriously though, I really think this will be a good thing for the gaming industry. I hear a lot of people talking about how nothing good gets released anymore. I’m sure part of this has to do with the transition to the current generation of consoles, but the truth is, there are a lot of good games that get released… but no one’s hearing about them. And I think that the loss of E3 is part of the reason this has happened. Yes, it will be costly, but it’s also advertising, and advertising never has been cheap. It usually is effective though, as long as what you advertise is a quality product and people want it. Video game companies have lots of great games to show off, so they need to do so. Now, once again, they can do that.

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