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17 Aug

How to Get My Help While Playing a Game

I’m enjoying a nice run through the first room of Relics, the first major dungeon in Rappelz. I’ve just hit the point where I can solo it, and I’m earning insane amounts of job and experience points. It’s a great feeling.

Then, the bane of every cleric’s existence.

“Buf plz.”

Naturally, I’m out of mp. So I explain this and ask him to wait a minute. He does, and I buff him as soon as I have the mp to do so.

“Buf pet too plz.”

At this point, I’m slightly irritated, since I need my mp for healing and buffing myself and my own pet, but I try to be a nice guy, and once my mp charges up again, I go ahead and buff his pet. At this point, he sends me a party invite, and we get even more xp and jp working together than we did alone. I feel a lot better about this whole situation now. Clerics do have all the luck when it comes to forming parties.

Then he kills my character.

Now I’m really irritated, but maybe it was an accident. Not that that’s at all likely since you have to consciously activate pk mode, but I’m a benifit of the doubt kind of guy. I give him a chance to res me, and he doesn’t, so I respawn in town and he disbands the party.

I run back to the dungeon on my own, rebuff myself and my pet, and proceed to solo some more. It’s still great xp and jp after all, and I still feel good about things.

“Buf plz.” It’s the guy who killed me earlier. I can’t believe the guy is this dumb. He’s asking me for buffs after he killed me.

I ignore him. He persists. I’m not sure if I should be amused or angry. I’m a little of each. I tell him, “Why would I buff you after you killed me? You intentionally make things harder for me, I’m not going to waste my time helping you. That’s not how it works.”

I don’t really get why he thought I’d help him after he attacked me, but apparently some people really think clerics are healing and buff machines for their personal use, not other players trying to have fun. I really don’t mind buffing people, particularly when I have the mp to spare. If I have lots of mp, I buff pets too. Otherwise, I don’t… though if someone were to give me an mp potion for the buffs, I’d definitely do it, regardless of my mp. They would, basically, be reimbursing me for the mp I’d be spending on them, and then it doesn’t hurt me at all to hand the buffs out. Helping out the person who’s buffing you, even if it’s just to keep them breaking even, goes a long way to getting you buffed faster.

And if you attack me, you can be sure I won’t help you for all the mp potions in the world. Though I’d consider it for a Pixie. Or if the attack was unintentional and you took steps to rectify it, such as money, a useful item, a res, or partying with me to help me get back the xp I lost, I’d be more than willing to help out. Doing any of this is also a good way to get your buffs sooner, especially partying with me. See, I think that’s perfectly reasonable of me.

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