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18 May

Making Final Fantasy VII for the PC Work

I noticed some people arriving at the site through the article Final Fantasy VII Taught Me to Get More Out of My Computer. The problem being, they’ve been looking for ways to make Final Fantasy VII work better, or more likely, fix glitches in the game, which the last article didn’t really cover. So this article is to give the best advice I have for actually fixing the game.

First off, if your computer can do it at 640X480, just play the game in software rendering mode. Playing in software rendering fixes a lot of glitches right off the bat, including one that, if you have it, makes it impossible to progress beyond the Northern Crater due to a crash during a cutscene. The shadows also look a little better in software rendering mode, as does the Ifrit summon.

Of course, if your computer is like mine, you might notice some minimal slowdown doing that, and if it’s worse, you’ll probably experience more slowdown. As well, you have my condolences. That said, using hardware mode will work better for people in the slow computer department most of the time. If you just need to bypass a glitch once, switch to software rendering to pass the glitch, then switch back to hardware acceleration.

For those running Windows XP, there are two glitches I know of. The first is that the motorcycle race runs way too fast. My best advice here is deal with it, and buy extra healing stuff to deal with the hp you’ll lose from not being able to react as well to the bikers chasing you. The second is a crash during the snowboard and chocobo minigames. There is a patch you can download to fix this issue, and probably some others I’m unaware of. If you have XP, give it a shot. As for Windows Vista, I don’t have any advice for you. You can try the XP patch, but I have no clue if it will solve your problems.

There are also the more common issues, such as upside down cutscenes, some video cards not being allowed to use hardware acceleration mode even though they’re plenty powerful, and other similar glitches. You may also have issues because you’re using a laptop and have no numberpad. For all of these issues, there are patches on the install disc of the platinum edition (erroneously labeled as disc 1). If you don’t have the platinum edition, the patches can be found in Eidos’s archive here.

Also, if you have platinum edition and haven’t figured it out yet, they mislabeled all of the discs. Disc 1 is just the install disk, Disk 2 is disk 1, and so on.

Hopefully these tips will help you get Final Fantasy VII working on your computer.

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